MDS – the human presence, Movement and heartbeat Detection System – detects human presence within 15 to 30 seconds in various types of vehicles and loads with almost 100% accuracy. It uses 1 to 4 extremely sensitive ‘geophones’ (seismic sensors), a single ground vibration sensor, a low-frequency microphone and unique patent-approved digital signage software. The MDS human presence, Movement Detection System can operate in various temperatures indoors and outdoor; it is lightweight and its portable and mobile versions fit in the trunk of a car.

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Simple and Fast

  • Easy user interface

  • Results in max.
    30 secs.

  • Easy to learn and use
    (time-saving and cost-reducing)

  • Simple use:

    Green light = OK
    Red light = intruder detected

How to Use

Place 1 to 4 magnetic seismic sensors on the steel structural part of the vehicle(s).

The ground sensor has to be placed nearby the truck on the same floor plate.

The microphone has to be placed in the wind direction. It has to be positioned far away from the truck so that the truck does not impede the wind on the microphone