Stop Prison Escapes

Prisons and correctional institutions have various types of protection systems to prevent escapes, such as:

  • High and thick walls
  • Barbed wires
  • Cameras
  • Movement detection systems

No matter how secure the premises are, there is one risky area where escape attempts could succeed: the service entrance for lorries and cars! Normally, every vehicle that enters or leaves has to be checked for the presence of escapees by the security guard.

This can take an enormous amount of time and effort

  • Opening all boxes
  • Inspecting every nook and cranny
  • Searching all pallet carriers

It’s not unusual for these inspections to take up to half an hour per car. And even after a thorough check-up, escapees might still go undetected.

The MDS can check the vehicle for escapees within seconds, with an accuracy of almost 100%.