Our History

Science For Humanity (S4H) was founded in 2004

The head office is in Brugge, Belgium, where the company is producing and selling the Movement Detection System (MDS).

In early 2003, the company’s founders became aware of a worldwide increase of illegal activities such as human trafficking and prison escapes. After finding investors equally ready to support authorities and the police in fighting human smuggling and trafficking, they launched the company S4H.

Thanks to continuous improvement of the systems over the years, this Belgian company can proudly state that the MDS or 2nd-generation Movement Detection System has become one of the best performing systems worldwide in its domain.

With its global network, S4H has been able to prove the effectiveness and reliability of the MDS in numerous countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

S4H remains committed to support authorities at ports, borders and prisons and to contribute to the fight against human trafficking all over the world.